Raphaël Languillat



modular synthesizer

J1407b is a planet in the constellation Centaurus whose massive ring system consists of over 30 rings - each of them tens of millions of kilometers in diameter (roughly 200 times larger than Saturn’s rings are today). The ring system  likely contains roughly an Earth’s worth of mass in light-obs- curing dust particles. Remarkably, rapid changes on time  scales of tens of minutes are obversed — and the result of fine structures in the rings.

J1407b is a work-in-progress, an ever growing improvised composition conceived for modular synthesizer. The focus is on the long form alternating blocs and musical textures, which vary from feedback drones to field recordings. Like the continuous accumulation process observed within this system, zones of matters, particles and dust are clashing against each other and gradually morphing into another.

©Wilhelm Rinke 

Raphaël Languillat (*1989 Casablanca, Morocco) is a french composer working with acoustic instruments and modular synthesizers. His compositions - located at the intersection of drone and noise music - are sonic  sculptures exploring long forms, slow develop- ments and oscillating between meditative stillness &  explosive textures. 

Most of his last works take astrophysical models & data as a point of departure.  His solo performances explore the rawness of electronic music through the use of a modular synthesizer. His latest release Asteroid * (∞) is a small collection of feedback improvisations on the semi-modular synthesizer KORG MS-20.  

Since 2023, he is the curator of the NAXOS Hallenkonzerte in Frankfurt am Main. Raphaël lives in Offenbach am Main and works at Studio Wäscherei.