Silent Voice



The video work depicts about silent voice which we experience constantly to deal with the chaotic society. A voice which is constantly speaking to us silently in our mind. Silent voice forces us to re-evaluate our life challenges with or without our consciousness. In doing so, our body and mind starts to adapt to the chaos within ours psyche. In adapting to the life challenges, we also modifying our physical and mental state subconsciously to deal with our ‘hyper-commodified’ society. Even though we are living in the different part of the world, but we constantly facing the same challenges as part of our everyday life. Silent voice is just an “alternative voice” in our mind telling us to maintain the balance in our life journey.

S.Chandrasekaran is a performance artist. In 2022, he was invited to First International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, ‘LATITUDES HYBRIDAS’ (Bolivia), Lacuna Contemporary Art Festival- Clash (Spain), Canvas Venice International Art Fair (Venice), Postproduction: From the Art Collection of the Art Stays Festival (Slovenia), 4th International Forum of Performance  Art (Greece) and Sao Paulo International Performance Art. In 2023, his video works were selected for Florence Biennale 2023, S7 (USA), P Digital TV MulTiverse, Arts Channel (Austria), Public Art, Metaverse (First Virtual) and Mykolaiv ArtWeek MEMORY (Ukraine).