Mother, I'm a martyr

Mad Truth X Sadler's Wells X Breakin Convention 2023

Casey Francis

My name is Casey Francis, I'm a social entrepreneur and multimedia artist working across, film, music, visual arts, photography, installations and spoken word. Much of my work focuses on personal perspectives on mental health and the ways in which we can use creativity to support and enhance well being.

I am also the founder and creative director of Mad Truth, an arts organisation based around the power of creative expression for improving mental health and promoting personal growth, the idea being we can use creative expression as a remarkable tool for re-framing tragedy, trauma and mental ill-health in a way where these things no longer keep us from becoming our best selves but instead can become a source of beauty, strength and resilience. Through eclectic film screenings, exhibitions, installations and workshops Mad Truth explores the various ways in which we can access our innate potential through creative expression.