Digital Hymn

Masafumi Oda

The confrontational structure between the Digital, a discrete world, and the Real, a continuous world has been showing an important shift. There, the AI consists boundary surface and becomes neighbor at the same time. Then, the duality between the Digital and the Real have become more and more symmetrical and the Real has not been the master for the Digital. Along this symmetry and similarity, we can admit the digital beings, which are  unknown for us.

In this piece, using various digital techniques, I intend a Hymn for imaginary digital beings on the basis of ontological arguments above. Both hymn-like part and harsh rhythm part show sharp contrast, and this matter itself means the radical discreteness which is the particular way of being for the Digital entities. 

Masafumi Oda

Enrolled in Department of Philosophy, Sophia University. Having got master's degree by writing a master's thesis about Deleuze’s philosophy. Participated in many international music and art festivals with music, audio-visual pieces, performances, and paper presentations in US, Italy, German, Austria, Belgium, England, Korea, China, Thailand, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, South Africa, NY, and Japan. My audio-visual piece “Radical Duality Ⅱ” was awarded 3rd prize at International Electronic Music Competition 2021 (China). My audio-visual work "Radical Duality Ⅳ" became the winner of Penn State Living Music 2022, hosted by The Pennsylvania State University and was awarded special prize at 3rd Ise-Shima International Composition Competition. My electroacoustic piece “Anti-Automationism” was selected at "World (New) Music Days 2023" hosted by International Society for Contemporary Music. A member of ASCAP and Japanese Society for Electronic Music. 


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