Joel Rico Rada



Under the nickname GUARDA is the sound work of Joel Rico Rada. Since 2017 he has been developing his sound exploration centered on the philosophy of  terror. He conceives the horror genre as a valuable medium for the exposu- re, knowledge and shaping of inner evils.

Using a combination of field recordings and modular synthesis, GUARDA  creates soundscapes that evoke an eerie, strange and spiritual journey. He na- vigates through field recordings, capturing sounds of everyday objects and  natural environments and then processing and manipulating them through mo- dular synthesis and samplers.

A thoughtful and constant exploration of everyday sound that reveals how unse- ttling human nature can be. Each composition consists of a kind of “silent black  mass”, a dreamlike and disturbing journey. 

Joel Rico Rada is a sound artist.

The provocation of fear, from sound, is the cons-tant aim of his effort and attention.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Zarago-za, he specialized in video and documentary audio.He brings together in his sound laboratory, as in atricorde knot, the philosophy of terror, psychoa-coustics and mysticism.

He conceives the horror genre as a valuable me-dium for the exposure, knowledge and shaping ofinner evils. Terror as a situation of encounter and so-norous discovery; human home of a tense comfort.

His soft spot for technology, the influence of his refe-rents and his surgical methodology of working withsound, lead him to find in modular synthesis themost precise tool for the creation of atmosphe-ric mattresses, which generate a sort of nodes be-tween the mystical and the disturbing; a luminoussonorous darkness. Recorder in hand, he obtains awider tonal range, between nature and industry.

He creates GUARDA, stage of the rare, the secret andthe silent, entrance where the light does not reach. Adark project with a clear personal imprint.

He has worked with musicians of varied styles; Be-lako, Pedro Ladroga, Neønymus and Rosin dePalo, among others. He has also worked with thepoet and philosopher Bernardo de Maria and the ar-tist Silvia Ariño.

Joel also works in hospitals, where he has acquireda growing archive of mournful sonorities.

He is currently creating Mejor Sordo with musicianLuis Azcona. Through percussion and electronicsthey improvise with elements specific to the locationin which they are located. Free-impro, noise and am-bient are added in a conjunction of auditory worlds.

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