Andre Perim

Mofo/Mold is a video artwork that proposes a dialog between the analog and digital worlds.Photos taken from a fungus infected magazine were captured in several ways, using digital microscopic and macro-lens  photography and reprocessed digitally until their original shape were damaged , giving way to new graphics and connections.

Andre Perim is a Multimedia Artist, Musician and Composer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His work is focused on a critical view of the relation between technology and language in the digital era. His most important works were "INFOTOXICATION"(2018),"ID"(2019), BROKEN RAINBOW (2020) "RUST IN PEACE (2022), and MOFO/MOLD (2022) among other works.

Those works were screened in several festivals around the world such as Digital Art Festival 2019(Bulgaria), Forum of Video-Art 2019(Saudi-Arabia), ADAF (Athens Digital Art Festival) (Greece) 2020, CICA Museum (Korea) 2020/21, FILE SP (Brazil), etc...In 2020 received a review in a special edition of ART HABENS Contemporary Art Review Magazine