Internationales Digitalkunst Festival

IDKF is an atypical event. It confronts conventions. An exception to traditional festivals. Eclectic, eccentric and uncurated, it introduces itself as an instance for all kind of creative expressions, gathering artists from diverse areas and disciplines that explore the conjugation of art and technology. The festival is conceived as a large-scale artistic intervention, scrutinizing the democratization of art and culture in a heightened interconnected society influenced by complex hybrid networks that convolve virtuality and reality. Seeking to rethink the way in which art should be presented and perceived, several works will be exhibited in unusual locations that escape common places e.g. art galleries and concert halls. In this sense, IDKF opens a new space to incentive and propagate creative practices beyond standards, stimulating the exchange of ideas, critical thinking, aesthetics and cultural backgrounds. An invitation for the audience to experiment with the concept of locality and different levels of perception.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we were forced to cancel our plans of international cooperation and exchange, but we refuse to rescind our local activities. IDKF 2020 will offer events that follow the safety regulations of nowadays with a diversified program that includes audiovisual exhibitions, live acts, concerts, Djs, screening and listening sessions in the center of Stuttgart, Germany.