Visibility is a trap

Klara Kusa


The idea of this project is to create a never ending paradox. Pro- and anti-capitalist statements are mixed together and create a fusion dealing with topics such as shaming, visibility on social networks and censorship. The name of the project, “Visibility is a trap” is a sentence quoted from the book “Discipline and Punish” by Michel Foucault. 


Capitalism supports visibility on social networks, surveilles us, follows our every step. We are silly citizens, well then let’s kill us in utero, meaning, censor us up right now. Censorship is a necessary commodity of the systemic governmental effort. Some data need to be erased, deleted, never see the light of day, people must be silent, shut up. Aren’t you silent? Well, then fuck you, you are shamed. But are you? Shaming is a necessary commodity of the systemic governmental effort. Anticapitalist scheme? Hard to say. Not anarchy. Utopia is out of fashion right now. Protopia? Maybe… Let’s buy the poster and be happy. The creator of the poster? Some capitalist weirdo browsing the Internet, meaning me. Well… Hard to be happy without the systemic effort, right? Maybe capitalism isn’t so bad after all. Give me the fucking poster. Suck up those endorphins from the newly bought item. Accept vulnerabilities of the system and antisystem. Stop being so annoyed and egocentric. Grow up to be nobody, we are full of nobodies. We are silly and fighting the system we support. Paradox. No way out. Visibility is a trap.

The video includes text, sound and visuals by Klara Kusa, 3 min, 35 s, 2022

Klara Kusa is an emerging artist and activist. The artist appreciates techniques of appropriation, experimentation and upcycling/recycling of various objects and materials. She works with ready-made objects and found materials/photographs in the space of a particular gallery or exhibition space. Her artistic practice is experimental, utilizing the tools and strategies of conceptual and post-conceptual art. In her work, she uses performative techniques of appropriation, while synthesizing several artistic mediums to create site-specific installations.