Leuchten Sie Nicht

Erich Hermann & Stephan Marc Schneider

Two award-winning, completely undogmatic composers of new music who can also do jazz, chanson, electronics and contemporary beats, as well as an actor and director whose language is always an instrument: Auer Jaehlings have released three brilliant albums, of which the latest „avec un grand oubli du présent“ was nominated for the „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“. They also provide a manifesto-like instruction manual. It begins with the slightly disturbing sentence: “Our harmonies are different than yours.” And it doesn’t get any better: “We also use quarter tones and even smaller tone shifts. From our musical instruments, which you don't yet know, we elicit melodies of the highest euphony that are unknown to you. ... With certain acoustic devices placed on the ear we can improve hearing and greatly enhance the sound transmission itself. We can also cause sound to reverberate by various strange methods...but the tones can not only be reflected back repeatedly, but can also be strengthened or weakened at will; The articulated voice can also be reproduced in a different timbre.” Don’t worry: what sounds like German engineering is definitely meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Because this music is actually a strange and adventurous indulgence against the current emotional states of our world. A wellness vacation on a powder keg, a performance that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is refreshingly relaxed by three masters of their craft - oh and by the way, and the manifesto is not even from the band, but from Francis Bacon, who wrote it 401 years ago. But that (almost) doesn't matter…



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