Máquina de Projetar Memórias n. 1 - Luiz Rosemberg Filho

Arthur Frazão and Mili Bursztyn

Ritual image. Traces and sighs of a friendship. Projection of an evanescent memory. Fragments of correspondence in the form of texts, letters, scripts and collages exchanged with filmmaker Luiz Rosemberg Filho are transformed into film strips. Rosemberg was a great friend and an important director of the brazilian experimental cinema who start shooting in 1960's and passed away in 2018. Animated int a photo scanner, this film is a cine-collage in honor of our dear Rô.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Arthur Frazão works as a filmmaker and film editor. He directed the short films Cinelandia (2006), Gerais (2015), Depois da Noite, o claro do dia (2019) and the documentary series Sangue da Terra (2017). He edited films such as Os Quatro (2020), Os Príncipes (2018), Iran (2017) and Guerra do Paraguay (2016). He teaches audiovisual and film editing in public and private institutions. He holds a master degree and is a PHD student in Media and Culture at UFRJ. He was president of edt., a brazilian association of film editors.

Mili Bursztyn works as a director, producer and film editor. She directed the short films  Quem Come um ponto, aumenta o conto (Brasil, 2008), Atención primaria en salud – Cono Sur (Brasil, 2012) and Photo-correspondence (2021). She was production manager of Sentimental Education (2013)  and Galáxias (Brasil, 2013). She edited Os Príncipes (Brasil, 2018) and Depois do  Vendaval (Brasil, 2020). She is an audiovisual teacher, gives lectures and workshops in public and private institutions. She holds a Master degree in Media and Culture at UFRJ and she is a PhD student in Cinema at UFF.

instagram: @artfrazao @milibursztyn