Huijun Lu


Membrane (2020) visualises the act of breathing from within the body on a microscopic level. Structured around and set to a soundtrack of expanding and contracting lungs, the video swells and tapers off at varying rhythms. Graphite particles suspended then subsumed into liquid mirror the diffusion and absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream. Reactions between materials unfold at degrees of magnification, bated under observation. Undulating skins of different translucencies accumulate and dissipate, gradually morphing into a meditative ebb and flow.

Born from diagrammatic drawings, Huijun Lu's work explore the intersection between art, music, engineering and computing. In actualising the works, Huijun treats materials as objects of utility and fascination. To enliven these materials, the artist builds circuits to create arrays of moving motors; twitching and gesturing through space, dispersing materials to create sound or reacting to human presence.