The Case of Dataworm

Sohyun Lee

Our memory abilities are dying. With the development of the Internet, our brains have become adept at forgetting. <GABA HEAVEN> is a 3D imagination to try to revisit the relationship between the brain and digital technology. GABA is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that reduces anxiety and stress. Digital technology is like GABA to us. Despite the erosion of memory ability, digital technology makes us comfortable. We might transform into newly upgraded humans by inserting memory chips in our brains soon. Will we ever reach GABA heaven someday?

<The Case of Dataworm> is an experiment in information storage that contains human RNA data. The hypothesis that ancestral memories can be inherited through RNA has been explored by programming biological data into 3D models. Taking on different forms depending on memories, these Dataworms flow from ancestors to descendants. Through them, this 3D video attempts to look at the future possibilities of genetic memory and raises questions about what kinds of memories can be left to future generations.

Sohyun Lee (b.1993 in Seoul) is a multi-discipline, 3D video and installation artist based in Cologne. She researches hospitality between humans and technology, orienting towards the collaboration of art and science. She studied painting and sculpture in Seoul and Nuremberg. Currently, she studies media arts in Cologne. Her works were shown in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Seoul, Tbilisi, Athens and Brno.