Federico Madeddu Giuntoli

Unconditional is a short movie by Federico Madeddu Giuntoli, representing both the artist’s intimate investigation on family roots complexity and a promise of self unconditional love. For the movie realisation, Federico edited old silent analog films from his family archive and used three concise and delicate songs from his album The Text And The Form, recently released by Japanese label FLAU. In the movie, the engaging experimental sound of tracks (made of reverberated synths, remote acoustic fragments, sparse spoken words, jazzy drums and processed guitars) interwines with the plain ordinariness of visuals (yet filled with nostalgic remembrance), creating a sensitive, touching and somewhat dream-like flow.

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli is an Italian multidisciplinary artist. His works, ranging from contemporary art, music, writing and photography, are usually delicate and subtle, experimental yet unequivocally tuned into a certain kind of pop communication. Federico’s first solo album “The Text And The Form”, featuring legendary german e- poetess Antye Greie aka AGF and sophisticated Japanese artist Moskitoo, has been recently released by worldwide appreciated Japanese label FLAU. As a member of Italian electronic band DRM (album “Haiku”, CNI/Margarita,) Federico also collaborated with iconic German trio To Rococo Rot and with Italian duo Retina.it. Federico is also author of the photobook Nuova Gestalt (published by refined Milan-based publisher Blisterzine) and, in the field of contemporary art, he is author of “oggetti sensibili” (“sensitive objects”), enigmatic and evocative artworks based on the assembling of fragments, debris and dismissed materials.






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