SueKi Yee

#ChooseYourOwnDance is a choreographic experiment (for a dance film) using @instagram stories as a platform of communication.

I remember choose-your-own-ending books from my childhood, and wondered how to recreate this experience through social media: where consumers of content have a choice. Do they become more personally invested?

On the other hand, it was also an interesting question for me as an artist. We try not to pander to the audience. But what IS the audience saying? I wanted to ask questions, have discussions, hear their thoughts, and at the same time share my perspective and process by being transparent about the considerations I have when creating a work.

SueKi Yee is a Malaysian dance artist currently based in Germany. She is interested in drawing from her multicultural background (dance, language, food), improvisation, site-specific work, and multidisciplinary experimentation and collaboration. In recent years, she’s also started experimenting working with soundscapes, photo/videography, and text. She finds that working across disciplines widens her perception and allows for varied entry points into a work, hence expanding the possibilities of research, creation, and presentation.

Her works have been selected and presented in Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, and Ghana. Her other experiences include working as a dance pedagogue, programmer and artist-facilitator in community engaged projects.