Alireza Gholamian

going into simple materials and reconsidering them as something that we have never been taught about, is just like rumination in animals, it seems ugly and disgusting, but it's necessary. all materials in this work were some simple photography and some recorded sounds from the piano but in the process of rumination (in my idea), they melted into each other and composed this work.

Alireza Gholamian (b.1999) is an Iranian composer, improviser, and Tar performer based in Tehran.

He started his career by playing Tar and studying Iranian traditional music. In 2017he was accepted into the Iranian traditional music program at the Faculty of Fine

Arts at the University of Tehran.

In 2018 he started the composition and continued his studies in contemporary music composition with Karen Keyhani and Ardavan Vossughi since 2019.

Fatemeh Yousefzadeh 

born in 1999.1.18

Based in Tehran, Iran

Bachelor's degree in painting from Tehran University of Art

I’m working on visual spaces to access layers of reality and seek ways of conversations.

Aynaz khourmehr

born in: 2005.3.27 - Tabriz, Iran

Kosar Fine Arts School

IAU of Tabriz

Graphic Designer - 3D Artist - Typeface and Font Designer


Obtained a degree in Color Theory and Image Format from the University of Colorado Boulder with a score of 100.

Obtained a degree in Form and Concept from the California Institute of Art with a score of 100.

First place in the Cultural and Art Festival of Tomorrow: Digital Painting.

First place in the Cultural and Art Festival of Tomorrow: Animation.


Mastery of all graphic design elements