"live even having been banned"

interdisciplinary performance

Ichizu Hashimoto: Calligraphy and performance

Junko Yamamoto: Shō (japanese wind instrument) and performance

ShoShō develops new artistic disciplines and forms that combine different cognitive components, in detail and in large context, through various artistic media (calligraphy, video, images, sounds, movements). On one hand it is about working in public space, on the other hand it is about the performance of spatially designed dramaturges that imagine opening thoughts for the future. 

In its performances ShoShō puts the focus on themes about environmental issues, human rights, social issues and uses motifs from Zen-philosophy, literature, myths and traditional culture or contemporary subculture.

Ichizu Hashimoto is a calligrapher. She has been learning calligraphy since she was 6 years old. She studied fine arts at the art academies in Kyoto/Japan and Stuttgart. She has received scholarships from the DAAD, the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation, the Cité des Art Paris through the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, etc. Since 2011, she has been performing calligraphy with interdisciplinary media (film, music).

Junko Yamamoto is a performer, pianist, Shō-player, Essayist.

She received the prize for the most distinguished concert of the Experimental Sound, Art & Performance Festival Tokyo, the Phoenix Evolution Award Osaka, the special prize for the best performer for spanish contemporary music with the „Xavier Montsalvatge Competition“ in Spain and the first prize in the piano concerto competition of the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa. 

Junko Yamamoto is invited to perform at many international festivals, recently La Biennale di Venezia in Italy, Strasbourg International Music Festival “Le festival musica” in France, “Bartok International Festival” in Hungary, Musicarama Festival in Hong Kong, “Takefu International Music Festival” in Japan, Festival Bienal Música Hoje Curitiba, Sinuston Festival, Festival New Music Week in South Africa among others.