Jean-Michel Rolland

Traces:Ski uses the video found on the Internet of Jung Donghyun's run at the 2018 Olympics. Transformations operated on colors and speed hijack this documentary video to turn it into an abstract video artwork. Some shades are erased to allow persistent traces left by other colors. The skier no longer evolves on an ordinary ski slope but in a chaos of moving structures created from the movements of the camera.

The soundtrack was a criterion in the choice of the initial material: in the absence of voice-over, the natural sounds of the descent, slowed down at the same speed as the image and enriched by several effects, contribute to the aesthetics of this détournement.

Silence is a détournement, it hijacks a sign language lesson video to turn it into an aesthetic video artwork, giving a different point of view on this human activity.

Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist born in 1972. A long time musician and a painter, he brings together his two passions - the sound and the image - in digital arts since 2010.

Through video artworks, generative art, audiovisual performances and interactive installations, he questions the temporality, a genuine fourth dimension inherent to moving image, as well as the duality between his two favorite mediums, the sound and the visual.

His formal research is guided by the desire to reveal the intrinsic nature of our perceptual environment and to twist it to better give new realities to the world around us.

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