Genre: Experimental Video 

Year: 2020

Duration: 0.50 minus

Country: Hong Kong

Quality: HD 1080

David, a famous statue made by Michelangelo. 

David, a Hero fights giant Goliath in bible.

David, who are you? 

David for me is a boy. 

In my video, I use two colors Blue and red to present “my David”. My fiction of David who is a real boy; no needs to be a Statue and stays tension in font of giant Goliath forever, not even mentioned in Bible to go fighting the giant Goliath. He has his teenage years, enjoys his puppy love like all of us.

He struggles in the Love Sea not the battle with Goliath. Calm is Blue and Passion is red. Searching his true love! Life is hard, sometimes can’t follow your heart. We must face the moment of “Der Schwer gefasste Entschluss , Muss es sein? Es muss sein . “ (By Beethoven) We also face on the things we scary too but we need to become David, fights and wins it!

Background music is I talk to Jesus by Lana del Ray . Yes, David said he believed in God to send him killing the giant in Bible. But I wonder, what David really wants to say outside Bible? What he wants to do if no need to fight giant? My David wants to have a true love, he deserves to be loved and not only crazy bravely sacrifices his life. 

Liebe wie Bonbon 

Genre: Experimental Video 

Year: 2018

Duration: 0.25 minus

Country: Berlin Germany

Quality: HD 720

Making Love with your lover is sweet, happy and blissed. The video presents the interaction as well as the feeling while lovers are making love, while the candies represent every sweet hearts. The melting candies, moving juices and milk sometimes interact and sometimes separate, like lovers’ relationships. They are intimate but have their own freedom. Candies also symbolize the intimacy with a large extent, sweet genes marching, from kissing to immersing into the body; from lover’s saliva to body fluids. Candies give such a cute and sweet image that can be linked to the imagination of sex. The video also shows one of the Cantonese’s idioms “水乳交融seoi2 jyu5 gaau1 jung4” , which means water merging milk, to represent the wonderful status while making love.

Siu Mei, Josee is a Hong Kong based emerging Visual arts artist, after completing her degree, she delves more into her “Sudoku Line” drawing practice, all the lines connect with their own mathematics. A secret code is inside. She is also keen on video filming and animation making. Her video arts focus on exploring Humanity and intimacy.