Nikole McGregor & Simone Northey

Creating art during social isolation became a method of social contact, as well as an artistic challenge. It was a challenge to create something new each week and respond to events, thoughts, feelings, and everyday life unfolding around us. By living vicariously through each other's notes, we hope to find a single, unifying sense of normalcy.

Nikole​ is a new media artist interested in broken narrative, surrealism, technology, and experimentation. While multidisciplinary in nature, her pieces are informed by Intersectional Feminist theory, which enriches the undertones of her work. Simone​ is a Toronto-based animator. Her focus on non-narrative, experimental animation blends stop-motion and digital techniques. With a strong interest in motion design, her subjects often include geometric forms interacting with illusions of 2D and 3D space.​ | @nkle.does​ | @simone.northish