Videos based on an old text

I work on generating and processing sounds and visuals by coding. In this phase of the research, I worked on the Sufism poems written by Muslim philosophers and thinkers, and they are many; So I select on that phase: Suhrawardi ​Shaikh al-Maqtul "the Murdered Master" - Iran 1155 A.D and Ibn Al-Farid - Egypt 1181 A.D. Those two philosophers were born in two different countries. The twelfth-century A.D/half of the fifth century until half of the sixth century AH. The period of intellectual philosophical tolerance, but a period of political conflicts in the rise of Islamic countries, different rulers, their goals, the current economy, and their struggle for power. Suhrawadi and Ibn Al-Farid described that period of struggle in Iran and Egypt in their poems. Those videos are an execution phase of research in the Sufi history in Islam religion, connecting the past to the future by putting some points of light on signs in Sufi history and the Arab geographical era.

Yara Mekawei

A prolific artist and scholar, Mekawei‘s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow of urban centers and the infrastructure of cities. Interested in the philosophy of architecture, history, and literature. Mekawei used the optical transfer from the musical conversation and transferring the sound waves to visual forms. Her work is based on sound as a tool of vision, the philosophy of composition is shaped by sophisticated practices that convey messages of conceptual dimension to the public. Mekawei is a research-based practice proposed in history, connecting the philosophy of the past to the technology of the present. She uses the research literature specializing in the social ideologies in her concepts. She follows her projects through a research point of uniting between work and the other, whose work shows an intangible aspect of her identity, and being feminine in an East African society. 



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