The vidéo Voyage Voyage, Voyage of Robin Lopvet and Sam Racheboeuf, is an experimental video work, which uses digital retouching tools to create an animation frame by frame. Photographs and images of paintings of classic landscapes from the internet are disintegrating and are merging into each other, while a voice monochord lists titles from the Gallimard catalogue on the instrumental from the hit Voyage, Voyage by the singer Desireless. Through the work of collage and montage, the meeting between images (more or less iconic), stated words (French literature reduced to its titles), and music (80's loop on the synthesizer) gives this multimedia work a kitschy poetry and a certain melancholy... because that's a whole part of the French and Western pre-second millennium culture that is here revisited.


Video project realised in New York during a 3 months postgraduate study at the International Center of Photography (ICP) between October and December 2015, and two weeks in November 2016. The artist about the video: "Having lived only in smaller provinces cities before this postgraduate study, I was particularly surprised to find myself in this gigantic metropolis, monstrous, with an enormous flux of people, energy and money. Its disproportionate constructions and the different layers of recent history pile up and stay visible, like coats of first price paint. I observed a dialectic of construction and relaxation, of power and fragility. To render this impression, I used an animation technique I developed, diverting Photoshop tools to realize image by image animation. I wanted to create a massive object corresponding to the city of New York, to an hour."


Made in Taïwan was realized during a one-month residency in the artistic district of Soulhang in Tainan. The work consists of printed images and a video animation. Through a post-photographic process, the digital retouching becomes visible and assumed.

This work was exhibited at the Tif festival in Taiwan and at the MAP festival in Toulouse, France.


Born in 1990 in the Vosges, Robin Lopvet is a multimedia visual artist working on the issues of language games, economics of recovery, parody, crafts and play. During his studies of the sciences of the engineer, he discovers photography and then decides to join the École Supérieure d’Art of Lorraine in Épinal where he obtains his DNAP in 2012. He then joined the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie In Arles, and finished his studies at the ICP, New York. Back in France, he spent five months making a one-hour film made in image by image in an experimental animation technique centered on the diversion of tools of digital retouching, technique of which he is the only user. This technique is a bridge between the still image and the video, which can be classified in what is called the «photographic film». Moreover, Robin Lopvet also creates installations mixing photographs and recovered objects which he distracts the use. In this context, he experimented with modes of image construction, mixing his photographs with objects, not hesitating to break the glass of frames, hang his images with tape, to cover the walls of cardboard ... All Is good for desacralizing the image and the way to show it. He was very influenced by Jean- Yves Jouannais’s Idiotie and considered the creative act as an instant where intellectualization gave way to a form of instantaneity and improvisation, while seeking an internal tension that could make sense for the viewer, without giving the shooting context, letting the image speak alone. Involved in music, he is also a DJ and producer, and organizes evenings in Paris through the Label Club Late Music. Robin Lopvet uses the same creative process in image and music, not hesitating to recover samples but also to create, remix, transform, parody, mix genres. 

He lives and works on the Internet.

Instagram: @robinlopvet