The Astronomical Synthesizer consists of a live audiovisual performance inspired in astronomy, using analog modular synthesizers and sounds that correspond to astronomical spectra captured in Chile by Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio-telescope, converted into a sound pattern by previous project ALMA Sounds, which results are opened to the community for free artistic use. For the purpose of driving the audio of astronomical signals, a code-based music performance software is utilized, loaded into a dedicated small single-board computer which counts as another element of the modular synthesis setup. The idea is to formally relate the author’s two professional paths: astronomical instrumentation and music production. As astronomy and related images are in the public domain, one key aspect is being able to develop visual content that does not feel overused or predictable to the audience. The aim is to show this ancient science from a fresh but still rigorous perspective.

Nico Ramos

I am an electrical engineer and music producer, with experience in cutting-edge technology design and implementation, mainly for scientific purposes and research in the astronomy field. Sound design and analogue synthesizers are the main creative tools to express my artistic view and musicality. My current project consists of an audiovisual live performance, which merges my two professional paths: astronomical instrumentation and music production.