In/Between Wonderland 1977 is the presentation of 80 adult films from the year of the artist’s birth condensed into 28 minutes.

Utilizing a short science-fiction story allegedly written by Vladislav Surkov, the political advisor to Vladimir Putin, ​ Without Sky: The Tale of the Grey Cardinal ​ situates this contemporary global Russian tale about a distant future war in the context of an American past in the New York City blackout of 1977.

Maureen Jolie Anderson is a video artist whose work has often dealt with historical cultural memory and its often unavoidable impossibility. She utilizes appropriated textual, visual and audio materials to create speculative historical narratives. Her work includes a collection of essay films using the year of her birth, 1977, as a starting point from which to explore media images pulled out of what once would have been seemingly transparent referential contexts from a time in one's life, the time of birth, a time for which one cannot have any direct personal memory at all with which to assume transparency. Currently she is working on an essay film on health insurance and labor in the United States. Based in the US, her work has been exhibited at the Schiller Festival and the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, the International Toronto Porn Festival and the Images Festival in Toronto, Canada, and the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center in Troy, NY, USA.