"Brulicautoma" is a composition for fixed media, based on the sound materials produced by the self-made instrument "Gurdy Gurdy". The material obtained is explored as if it were a territory, or a complex organism, and investigated through spectral and qualitative analysis of the timbral and spectral-morphological characteristics. The exploration extends within it: in a scale "microphone" reveal the elements that in addition to defining the global morphology of the organism, offer possibilities of interaction and transformation.The perceptual analysis of the sound material justifies the possible transitions between the various sounds, in a continuous and organic transformation. 

GURDY GURDY instrument:

Mattia Parisse (*1998) creates electronic compositions, interactive sound installations and augmented musical instruments.

He is interested in the design and self-constructive research of instruments and their relationship with the technological medium, in these constraints he develops a musical research characterized by conceptual clarity expressed by the tactile relationship with the material itself of construction.

His compositions have been selected and performed in exhibitions such as the Festival SIIDS2020 (Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium - Madeira, Portugal), the Festival Web Biennial 2020 for electronic arts (Istanbul) , the New Media Fest 2020 and Orizzonti Festival 2021 (Perugia - Marco Momi curator)