Vacuum Dissolving

Sometimes you need to release your energy, but this release to be harmonious, to make a ‘’work noise’’ or positive effects about your goals. 

So, through this video, in symbolical way, I take off from my body that vacuum bubbles that are hundreds of them, that in a way uses an accessory such as grinding machine that creating noise after releasing them, and through this noise is attempted to achieve this harmony who reflect as an art work in front of public.

Avdi Hajdari / KAME was born in 28.03.1978 in Kamenica / Kosovo, and he is based in Zurich/Switzerland from 2004. 

Kame has started studies in branch of paintings in year 97/98, and has finished in year 2002 in Faculty of Art in University of Prishtina/Kosovo.

After a war situation that Kosovo had, he decided to live and work in Switzerland, exactly in Zurich from year 2004, who has been committed as independent artist in different networks of foreign or homeland artists.

He has been part of many exhibitions in homeland and abroad, like group or solo exhibitions, who has been presented in different mediums like paintings, video, installations etc., and a general description about his works can describe the works and activity in artistic performance like this: 

With his art he is always in research of concepts that have happened or are going to happen and provoke or pushed it to treat in philosophical way and to give them artistic forms through different mediums.