The Letter, video HD, 13’13, 2020

“The government is worried: a charlatan recorded an interstellar message and broadcast it. Once the document has been recovered, a research center is set up to interpret the message. But how do we understand something that is so foreign to us?”

Julien Bouillon (b. 1971) lives and works in Paris, FR. Julien Bouillon worked in recent years to hijack a number of standard formats (paintings, magazines, etc.) to produce specific objects. His work has developed on the basis of a multimedia approach and a permanent interest for all techniques. In his book «Against Method» Paul Feyerabend defended the idea that there are no immutable methodological rules that scientists should always be used, and which would ensure beyond doubt the validity of their research. According to him, a «dose» of methodological anarchism could only be beneficial to science. That’s what Julien Bouillon aspires for Art.