Ibuki Kuramochi

Born in Japan, Multi-media Artist Ibuki Kuramochi specializes in artworks for exhibition (paintings, movies and digital works), and also specializes in live performances combining her live painting with her Japanese Butoh dance.

Through her work, she pursues the physicality of Butoh’s poetic choreography and the pursuit of the human body in anatomy.

She visualizes her performance and body movements as two-dimensional works and video works.

Ibuki explores concepts of the body, thought and physical resonance, metamorphosis, the ideal of  the Sci-Fi animation character’s body, and the uterus and fetishism. She currently resides in Los Angeles.


Under the circumstance of the pandemic, all human relationships are now concentrated in the virtual world through the Internet.

People’s thoughts, remarks and lives all appear in our vision which forms into photographs, movies, letters, and becomes a huge timeline.

In a pandemic situation, I have became more aware of my body.

The body includes my consciousness, spirituality including unconsciousness, and philosophical nature.

My work evokes and awakens the oblivion of the physical body in the current virtual world.

WEB LINK: https://www.ibuki-kuramochi.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ibuki_kuramochi/