Un-Hack it!

Director: Ganza Moise

Duration: 01:18

Language:  Kinyarwanda & English

Genre: Experimental

In the wake of a rejection, a young man tries to terminate his infatuation he believes to be a hack on his brain.  

Director’s statement:

Rationalising or irrationalising emotions. Un-Hack It is a short film I made for the Zurich film festival's 72 competition. Although the entry wasn't received It was a challenge to myself to make a film under 72seconds in 72hours and I love the result. 

Injiji (Ignoramii)

Director: Ganza Moise

Duration: 20’

Language: Kinyarwanda & English & French

Genre: Experimental

If words were drugs and poets were dealers, who would buy their product?  Injiji is an audio-visual exploration of the depth of the word in our psyche in the modern Rwandan context seen through the eyes of an idealist poet selling “words” from “esoteric secrets”, ultimately an analysis of our society itself and its perception of its own culture. 

Director’s statement: 

Rwanda as a country is very oral in nature, the word is a very deeply rooted tool. As an amateur poet; words are an entry point to analyse what’s around me and deeper thought behind it. Puns, silences, and roots of words are all a space in which I circle around a lot , just like the images and sounds I used , bouncing between meaning and feeling.  Injiji is a result of a long experimental process that took almost a year of shooting intuitive sequences and piecing them together.

Ganza Moise is a published picture book author and an independent filmmaker based in Kigali, Rwanda. In 2015, he wrote and directed his first short film Despair. In March 2017, he attended the Haile Guerima workshop in Luxor African Film Festival where his third short film “Sukut” was produced. 

He has worked on more than 10 short films such as waiting by Mbabazi Philbert, Disconnected by Shema Deve, Mutiganda wa Nkunda’s feature film NAMELESS as assistant Director .He also acted in I got my Things and Left by Mbabazi Philbert and Fishbowl by Ngabo wa Ganza. 

To date he has directed 6 short films , his films have screened in various film festivals worldwide namely;  the 2017 Silicon Valley African Film Festival, Cascade Festival of African Films (Portland), the 2018 AfrYKamera film festival in Warsaw and the Zanzibar International film Festival 2018 , Signos de la noite 2018 , Africa In Motion 2019 among others.

His latest audio-visual piece “Sensory Overload” was exhibited in September 2020 at L’espace by Maison Beaulier. “Tears”His feature film he is developing won the best pitch award at the 2019 Kigali Audio Visual Forum which led him to attend the 70th berlinale to pitch it in the European FIlm Market ,  Tears  was selected in the 2020 Ouaga producer’s Lab . Among other projects , He is working on the post production first feature docu-fiction film ‘Kinema’ which he co-directed with Ryumugabe Remy which was selected for the 2020 Journees Cinematographiques de Carthage’s Takmil post production workshop.