THE WINDOW OF DREAMS ( la lucarne des rêves ) 

Humans make music; humans make music with machines: concrete music. Today Bernard Parmegiani is in his twilight years as a composer. With his old time friend and composer Beatriz Ferreyra at his side, he searches through his private archives and listens with emotion. In The Window of Dreams, Bernard goes to meet composers from younger generations, Michel Chion and Lionel Marchetti. Although they belong to different generations, all these musicians entertain a peculiar relationship with their sound machines, somewhere between body to body contact, fusion and repulsion. From one encounter to the next we enter sound material with them, exploring the invisible in the backstage of creation, tracking taped memory.


« Appuie sur le champignon » (« Push on the mushroom » which means in french, Hurry Up driver) speak out tipsy carnival goers. Nuclear explosions, chains reactions in a delight mood. Party Goes on !

Images and sounds are always ambivalous ; landscapes can always turn from the stability to oblivion. Carnival goers and explosions are faces of switchover. After the uproar, things roll again.

Cendrine Robelin is a French artist, composer and filmmaker. She is particularly interested in the passage from chaos to the cosmos, to the connections between the macrocosm and the microcosm, around the notions of ecosystem and listening.

Her first long feature film is called "The Window of Dreams" ("La lucarne des rêves"). It's an artistic documentary about electroacoustic music and experimental frames featuring some pioneers like Bernard Parmegiani and Michel Chion. This film get a wide diffusion in festivals like FID Marseille (2017), International Film Festival Rotterdam (2019) for instance. Her sound creations has been awarded several times and she recently gets the Visual Art Prize of Nantes (France) for her whole work.

She's now working in the Brocéliande forest on a video and sound installation, a feature film and a series of paintings.