The small town of Athens, Georgia in the Southeastern U.S., has experienced a vibrant music scene since the '60s. In the early '80s Benjamin Ferguson formed its first industrial band, Damage Report, followed by the other projects Live Sex Show, Jarvik 8, and Nerve Clinic. After spinning in a whirlpool of drugs he fled in terror to Seattle, Washington, where he continued to work on musick, both privately and with the band Cops Go to Tampa. It was here he became an anarchist, and filled his musick with samples concerning labor issues, immigrant and prisoner rights, attacks on capitalism and the state, + a steady dose of Dada for flavor. As the World Trade Center was falling on 9/11 he was packing for a permanent move to New York City, where as The Missioncreep he continues to create and play local gigs. He shuns the use of a computer for the creation of his musick in favor of the tactile sensations of hardware, which contribute to his inspiration.  

Video has always been a natural extension of his musick, and he's still not sure what the difference is. Sound and image are created intuitively, expressionistically, and desperately. His work can be found at his multi-media empire: