Parabole is based on a fascination for absurd shapes in the Belgian landscape. The film observes a group of satellite dishes rising together in a deserted scenery close to the small village Lessive in the south of Belgium. Bas Verbruggen investigates the abandoned site where time stands still. The sounds and ideas that were once sent and received trough these satellite dishes float in this digital age, making these dishes have almost no value anymore, over the forests and fields. The film is a visual search for form, time and environment, focused on a strange but also beautifull subject like these sattelite dishes.

Bas Verbruggen is a Belgian filmmaker and visual artist, born in Antwerp in 1997.

In 2015 he started studying film at the KASK school of arts in Ghent, where he completed his master's degree in september 2020 with the film Environs. 

He is fascinated by absurd shapes in the everyday (Belgian) landscape.

He focuses on the experience of sound in cinema and usually makes his films individually and always from an audiovisual investigative point of view.