The Visulettes

Lieber Michael 

The Visulettes, digital motion-paintings

Located in: Vienna, Austria

Year: 2020

Formats: mp4 Movie

Technique: 3D animated -video and -sound installation, Full HD

The Visulettes, digital motion-paintings are short 3D animated, sound films, whose presentation concept corresponds to social networks, but also to exhibition settings. Throughout the pandemic, I devoted myself to ‘working from home’ stimulations, making digital, 3D -art and exploiting Its possibilities from a personal artistic perspectives. 

The search for ‘the ultimate objects and ambiences’, in reality, or in paintings, led me, not by chance, to the artistic and architectural movements of the first half of the 20th century: futurism, cubism, art nouveau, viennese secession and more.

The stimulus has been a challenge of bridging the futuristic visions of the first electronic media period, all the way to the present time. Adding a new interpretation through modern 3D technology, as well as an additional sound dimension, which together tell a short story.

Fortunato Depero's Futurism via 1930

Vienna Secession

Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox

Spiegel Redaktionshaus Schwimmbad 1969

Fortunato Depero's The New Babel (1930)