Inside Out 06:02 MINI DV, and digital art

Collaboration with Diana Schuemann Dancer and Choreographer and Jessica Moritz Mixed media Artist

Architecture is the starting point of this project. 

As we both are engaged in interactivity and urban architecture, we wanted to create a piece that relates to our vision(s) and questions about choregraphy and interactions. 

we came up with the idea of choreography in the white cube as a statement and also as a performance. 

Choreography Based on limited gestures in limited space. 

Movement is the most basic gesture that we can experience and achieve. Still, when you do it, you often forget that each movement has a direction and goal. As we both are engaged in movement based work in urban space and relations, we decided to build a project interacting with it and develop it around the different interactions and possibilities based on it. 

Both of us are also immigrants, so expression will never be the same for us. We had to build our own language to be able to interact in our daily life. Therefore, our attitude and gesture made our experience unique. 

Our posture, gesture and observations of our surroundings made us stretch, band over, fold to fit in this life. 

In this specific work, where Diana (the performer) is dancing in a closed space but showing to the street and interacting with viewers, people passing by, cars traffic and noise.

Reference: Hans richter, Bruce nauman