"IB": le cornu ancestrale

Joan Bagés & Belén Iniesta

"IB: LE CORNU ANCESTRALE (scene 5)” is a musical / sound and audiovisual show in the format of CHAMBER ELECTROACOUSTIC OPERA where the immersive experience leads the viewer to immerse themselves in the water as a metaphor for human existence.

“IB” weaves a set of perceptions or mental landscapes about the mystery of being and self-perception of existing and coexisting with others.

After the conflict, destruction appears to us in the fifth scene. An even higher moment, a scene of catharsis, sublimation and great internal struggle where it is time to sublimate all difficulties. Erotic scene, scene of internal struggle, of internal conflict. Blen Iniesta's electronics and visuals take center stage.

« Of water, blood. From the blood the chalice and this anthropomorphic construct. Herd of rats, pyramids, cylinders and cones. Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, quixotic me! Kick me! Be the mill that starts galloping against people. Shake your blades and redeem Eve and Adam ».

Music: Joan Bagés i Rubi 

Visuals: Belén Iniesta