Seoul International Computer Music Festival

Concert 5 - SKAM Concert

Sat. Oct. 12 / 7:30 PM

Nikola Lutz : “Terra australis incognita I” for 4-ch tape and ensemble of improvisers

조진옥 (Jinok Cho) : “Flux” for viola and live-processing

Remmy Canedo : “ROT47” code composition for saxophone, viola and live electronics

Bernhard Lang : “DW9 II. double/puppe” for voice and keyboard

Nikola Lutz : “The Darkroom of the Map” for 4-ch tape, live electronics, keyboard, viola, saxophone and voice

오예민 (Yemin Oh) : “Time Discontinuum No.2” for saxophone, live video and electronics

Sophie Pope : “Noise Pollution III - Street Vendors” for tárogató, viola and tape

조영미 (Youngmi Cho) : “Dharani 다라니(陀羅尼)” for soprano, e-piano and 4-ch live electronics

Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, 11 Eonjuro133 gil Gangnamgu Seoul 06053 Republic of Korea