Yemin Oh

Yemin Oh is a composer who is always seeking new methodology to blend his artistic vision and new technology. His main interests lie in several areas including instrumental music, network music, audiovisual, spatialization, and interactive multi-media work. Recently his pieces incorporate his musical aesthetic aim into blending visual elements and live electronics. He graduated from Ph.D. in Experimental Music & Digital Media at Louisiana State University. Previously, he graduated from Kyunghee University and University of Hartford in music composition, and Georgia Southern University in music technology. His papers and music have been selected to present at several peer-reviewed festivals and conferences, including EMM, SICMF, NYCMF, SEAMUS, ICMC, NIME, etc. He is currently teaching Seoul area, and working at KEAMS (Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society) as Secretary-General, and Chang-Ak hoe(CMSS, Contemporary Music Society in Seoul) as Director of International Exchange Division.

Online works:

Time Discontinuum No.2

for Saxophone, Live Video and Electronics

This piece is the second in a series of 'Time Discontinuum.' The series is experimentally composed for the possibility of time discontinuity in music. Music is the art of sound in time. However, because we cannot go against the flow of time, we only arrange the sound objects on the timeline. In this piece, the composer creates a virtual time-space and the performer controls it in order to imitate a distorted time-space. At the beginning of the piece the computer records the gesture and sound of performance with camera and microphone, and the performer controls and rearranges the recorded video and sound with various sounds and the position of the performer in real time.

Four AV works

Deterministic Chaos No.1 and No.2 (2010)

Chaotic Theory is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems. Chaos happens, even though everything is deterministic, meaning that a very intellectually determined choice could become another part of the Chaos. No matter what you decide in your music, it eventually results another new Chaos. On the other hand, finding a deterministic idea in chaotic music could be one of pleasurable motivations for audience. This work performed at LaTex 2010 Conference, and SEAMUS 2011 Conference.

Unstructured Hammer (2013)

Many composers created innumerable piano works with extended techniques. What they tried to do in their pieces is to find another possibility of sound in piano, get away from the regular hammer action of the piano. In this piece, I attempted to blend several different sounds from the piano and create an audiovisual work of which sound and visual are intuitively connected, and the spatialization is also integrated.

Papyri (2012)

Since everything is digitized in mobile devices, people do not have a passion for writing on papers. I remember the days. A stubby pencil, an old washed out paper, and a moment to contemplate the paper for one note and one word, those were forgotten. I composed one theme and three variations, named “Papyri” for remembering the time. 

Dots in Constellation (2018)

This piece consists of five episodes. The inspirational idea is from the science documentary film about the radio telescope which can capture the micro-heat radiation. After the story about the "Big Bang" and evolution of the universe, I would like to create an audiovisual work that can make us see my virtual images of evolution. In this work, over 100 sinewaves are moving around and each sinewave is connected to each dots in the visual. The audience can glimpse the evolution of the universe in my imagination.