Sun-you Park

Park Sun-you has been making various types of works, including experimental videos, interdisciplinary arts, and interactive installations, as well as music for instruments and computers. She performed at the Seoul Composition Music Festival, Fest-M 2015, and exhibited and screened at the 175 Gallery, In-sa Gallery and Culture Station Seoul 284 RTO. She was chosen for the SFAC(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)’s Arts Support Project in 2019.

LOOK (2018)

audiovisual media

I thought the only thing I had was my body. But this body may not be mine either. Perception by the uncontrolled body goes through time of anxiety, fear, and torpor, until it reaches the stage of 'observation' to coexist well with the strange body.

This work started from the author's personal experience. The actual specific sounds and images collected from one limited object, the human body, are shaped and structured through the process of transformation, modulation, and synthesis.