Loreto Quijada

Right after finishing high school Loreto studied film at the Escuela de Cine de Chile. There she achieved a filmmaker degree with a specialization in editing and postproduction, which was supplemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Documentary Film from the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano. She has worked in film and television for fiction and non-fiction projects addressing them from the writer, director, producer, and editor perspective. Her latest project, a webdoc that grants an interactive journey through the life of Chilean writers, reveals a new path she is trying to discover: the juxtaposition of audiovisual narratives and multiformat media. She now intends to deepen this search developing new expanded cinema experiences.

Website: http://memesci.cl/


(Teaser for projection mapping spectacle)

duration 01:40

format full HD 

In our anonymous and polarized world, it seems crucial to find common grounds among diverse groups of people and Mülheim, being home to people from Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Poland, China, Germany, and Russia among others, is a great start to do so. 

By connecting to the realm of emotions it is reminded that all human beings share a set of primal mental states and therefore a unity of humankind regardless of diverse social, political and religious backgrounds.   

An_Other dwells on human sentiments and how we feel about everyday events.

Self-produced and crowd-sourced clips and sequences represent the six basic emotions and subsequent nuanced feelings according to old and up-to-date psychological studies. 

It is a projection mapping spectacle to be presented to the public on May 22nd, 2020 in the district of Mülheim in Köln, Germany.

The moving images are space-matched to buildings in the area, utilizing them as split screens for a fragmented Montage based on architectural structures.

Facts and Features:

Genre: Fiction / Non-Fiction

Language: None

Runtime: 30 minutes

Setting: Die Mutze's Park (Berliner Straße 77)

Technology: EDGE-system (compact video server + App)

Volume: A one-time spectacle with three looped runs (10 minutes each)

Tags: emotions, shared reality, theatrical mapping projection, expanded cinema

Audience: Bystanders, neighboring citizens from a wide age range and collaborators