Jinok Cho - Composer

Jinok Cho is an active composer in both acoustic and electro-a coustic music, as well as a recording engineer, a researcher in Center for Arts and Technologies at Seoul National University, and a lecturer at several universities in Korea. His compositions have been performed widely, including Seoul International Computer Music Festival (2016), Pan Music Festival (2013), Joenju International Contemporary Music Festival (2013), London New Wind Festival (2010), and International Computer Music Conference (2006). He has won several competitions, including the International New Music Consortium's International Composition Competition (2000) and the Computer Music Contest hosted by the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (2001). His composition for 5.1 channel fixed-media "CoCo II" was recognized at the Bourges International Competition in France in 2009. Recently, he presented a new types of multimedia live performance named “SooGoong-Ga” using 24.1 channel loudspeaker orchestra, screen and pansori (korean traditional singing style). After completing his bachelors and masters at Seoul National University under the supervision of Cheng-iek Chang, Cho studied with Zack Browning, Erik Lund, and Scott A. Wyatt at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received a DMA.

Flux for Viola and Live-processing

This work is focusing on ‘melodic flux’ which is one of the significant features in Korean traditional music. Melodies produced by Viola are constantly modulated in various ways through computer programmed dsp, at the same time they create similar sound to ‘Jeongak’ ensemble, which is music for royal or upper class, using several to many sonic layers. It is hoped that audience would enjoy diverse melodic lines with consistent variations