Han Shin Kim

Han Shin Kim was born in Seoul, graduated from Seoul National University in Korea and graduated from Folkwang Hochschule (ICEM) in Essen, Germany, where he majored in electronic composition. He concetrates on the research of interaction between audio and video as well as human voice. His works have been played in SICMF, NIME and Audio Art Circus in Osaca, and he has lectured at universities and workshops on electronic composition and audio visual programming.

da (2015)

audio visual media

duration 05:23

“da” is a grain word of the german sentence ‘Ich bin der Ich-bin-da’, which means ‘I am who I am’. When Moses asked God’s name, God answered ‘Ich-bin-da’. I take finding meaning of ‘da’ by sonification of Myeongdong Cathedral's image.