Dionysios Papanicolaou

Dionysios Papanicolaou was born in Greece 1981 and he actually lives in Paris. In continuous struggle, he is searching for musical opportunities everywhere. He pays his rent as a stage technician, secretly trying out musical ideas on the stage instruments (pianos, percussions, harps, Double-bass) while musicians are on pause. His ideas combine traditional composing, computer assisted composition, live electronics and improvising in a complex analog and digital esthetical network. 

Online works: https://soundcloud.com/dionysios-papanicolaou

Should it turn ?”

Solo performance for Modular analog network and Live electronics

“Should it turn ?” is a question within a question within a question. A window from a bigger ongoing project with instrumental, modular and live electronics music. This project is one of interaction between musicians with different background stories that have never even met, and coordination of “composed on paper” with savagely improvised music in a more structured environment. 

“Should it turn ?” is about understanding structures in one environment. As soon as a structure is revealed, it becomes a “dead nature”, a starting point, or just an excuse to create or to destroy a new one. An environment within and all over the environment.

The live set that i use for this performance is my modular analog network, in an intimate connection with my improvising hero 5 years old patch which becomes rather maturely ecological. Neither prince nor slave. Some manipulations are taking place though.