Chaeyun Kim

Chaeyun Kim is a multimedia artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Her works are inspired by subculture as films, Japanese animations, and comic books. She makes experimental films, computer games, books, and music. Her objective is discovering fun and excitements in smallest things and giving hope by being an art shaman. She is interested in human brain mechanism, making positive effects on audience, setting up new principles, and analyzing taste. She is studying in Hongik University in Fine art, Painting since 2015. And completed the 1 year exchange program in State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 2017 to 2018. She was selected for the National art competition for University students, Art and critics, 2016, and 3rd Prize (The Award of CEO of the Seoul Foundation of Culture) for the Independent Film, 2015 Seoul Citizen Hall Film Festival. She has joined the following exhibitions : “Ex-cuse Me” in Jaju gallery, Seoul, “Balgurum”, Modern Museum in Hongik University. And “Rundgang” in State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany.

Witches’ Flight

single channel video

duration 03:27

From 25th to 29th June 2018, in ABK Stuttgart, I participated in a workshop for finding an inner logic for art students(Erfindungen der inneren Logik) by Julia Oschatz. I could freely choose the references from the given photos, made drawings and connected them into a narrative. I took Francisco Goya’s painting Witches’ flight. I transformed as the blind man who covered his face with blanket to walk through the cruel witches. While the general scholarly consensus is that the painting represents a rationalist critique of superstition and ignorance, particularly in religious matters, I interpreted this man as the symbol of braveness who is willing to confront and defeat his fear. In this video, I myself become the guy and walk into my painting world. I search for the meaning and hope for continue making art. and face the fear inside myself.

Two pale houses

single channel video

duration 05:12

Have you ever experienced you've been so engrossed in something that you've forgotten the things around you for a while? Every moment looking at the world consists of a moment of immersion and a moment of non-immersion. The moment you immerse yourself in virtual, the real and virtual boundaries collapse in the moment. I captured the moment when the real world and virtual distinction are mixed up. Have you ever dreamed of being at or going back to your former place for living for a while after you moved to another place? Or have you ever felt strange heterogeneity and maladjustment in your own room, the most “comfortable" space, coming back from a long journey? The body lies in the space, but it takes time and effort for our brain to adapt. You may have more than one firm house. There is no place that is not your home. If there are people there who are precious. The mind floats in the air without sitting in one house. And this causes the aftereffects of maladjustment. The video is based on a screenplay based on the story of "Two Light Houses" The video was created by transforming and repositioning easily available video sources on the Internet. The Three Degree's song, <When Will I See You Again>, is a song about waiting for the lover that can’t promise the encounter. 10cc's song, <I'm Not in Love>, is a song that flatly denies being in love, although it emphasizes even more that he is in love. The two songs were reinterpreted and arranged to be used as the background music of the video.