Bernhard Lang 

Bernhard Lang (born February 24, 1957 Linz, Austria) is an Austrian composer, improvisationalist and programmer of musical patches and applications. His work can be described as modern contemporary music, with roots, however, in various genres such as 20th-century avant-garde, European classical music, jazz, free jazz, rock, punk, techno, EDM, electronica, electronic music and computer-generated music. His works are performed on all relevant festivals of modern music and range from solo pieces and chamber music to large ensemble pieces and works for orchestra and musical theatre. Besides music for concert halls, Lang designs sound and music for theatre, dance, film and sound installations. 

DW9 “puppe/tulpe” (2003)

DW9 “puppe/tulpe” is based on the last texts of Christian Loidl, "die schlange küsst den schlafenden" (the snake kisses the sleeping one), originally elaborated in a live performance / installation "fremd / vertraut" (foreign / familiar) in Vienna during 2002.

The repetition was taken as a theme in these texts; loops are one of the determining structural elements. It was also Loidl who drew my attention to the work of Deleuze in 1994, triggering a longer study of the difference / repetition theme.

DW9 is an attempt to further re-illuminate these last texts by Loidl, which are being deconstructed and reconstructed in a cut-up process that I took over from Martin Arnold. I wanted to explore the interior of these texts further. The inner voice, the voice of remembrance; I did not read the lyrics again while composing, letting the fragments emerge from memory, letting them going around and sink again. 

In this piece, I do not use a loop generator, the loops are first mapped to bodily movements of the singer, then translated by the microphone into spatial movements.

The piece is a tribute to a friend, inspirer and text author of the pieces "icht" and "dw2".

Bernhard Lang, Vienna, 14.02.03