All Zero

All Zero(b. 1995, Busan) is a media artist based in Seoul. She is currently studying at Sogang University Graduate School of Art & Technology. In this work, she has experimented with the sonification of plants' DNA sequences which cannot easily be read visually. From the sounds of various plants, she presents the possibility of uncovering an ecology where difference and harmony coexist.

Sound of Plants (DMZ DNA Sonification)

audiovisual fixed media

duration 16:20


DMZ DNA Sonification was conceived during research on how to recontextualize the DNA information of DMZ plants in an artwork. In 2018, Byungjun Kwon and Dayoung Lee came up with the method of visualizing the plants' DNA data and sonifying it, with the help of the Korea National Arboretum. They visited the DMZ Botanical Garden in Yanggu, got professional advice in selecting representative plants of the DMZ, and proceeded to sonify the plants' DNA data. The DNA data of the plants, reinterpreted in digital sounds, are heard individually or in combination depending on location, and express the harmonious ecological value of the DMZ.