Open Call for music and sound art with the online platform nota

The IDKF, in cooperation with nota e.V., SKAM e.V., Kunstraum 34 and the 36th Stuttgart Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media, calls for new sound-based works using the digital montage tool and open source software nota. There will be 3 notanear awards, each endowed with 700 €. In addition, there will be the opportunity for unpaid presentations.

What is nota?

The software nota, reachable via, opens up an initially empty and seemingly infinite space, in which text, image, video and sound files appear as fragments and can be arranged in different ways and put in relation to one another. nota is operated by mouse or keyboard and does not require any special technical or coding knowledge, although it is possible to create new functions by using P5.js as well as JavaScript.

With its unusual surface and dimensions, nota offers the possibility to transfer aesthetic processes into the digital space. It is an opportunity to take data out of its usual structure and to rethink digital practices. This is how collections of materials, independent artistic works and new montage techniques are created in nota. Aesthetically nota opens up to the analogue and digital side and works as a social and aesthetical link between ensembles and artistic practices.

Since 2019 an interdisciplinary network has gathered around the montage software nota which was launched by computer scientist Nils Bultjer and the theater collective VOLL:MILCH. In 2022, nota e.V. was founded as an independent corporation. With its very open structure, nota enables a wide variety of artistic approaches. Through notanear, the initiators would like to encourage people to let loose their compositional imagination and create sound-based works in and with the software. Of course, the works may also have multimedia components, but music/sound art should form the central part of these works.

Who can participate?

Participation is open worldwide to professional artists and students from the fields of music, media art, film, sound design, performance or similar. It is important that the artistic approach is based on sound and deals with current aesthetic trends in new music, improvisation, experimental music or sound art.

How can I participate?

To register for the open call please send an e-mail with the subject "Registration Open Call YOUR NAME" to and include your full name, address and a valid e-mail and phone number. Please include a short CV (800-1000 characters). The deadline for submission is November 25th, 2022 (extended!) December 10th, 2022 (more info below). To participate you need a nota account. The account is free, you just need to register via e-mail (see below).

What happens after the registration:

nota invites you to an online intro workshop for about two hours. The workshop will give you a basic knowledge of nota's own functionality and an overview of the programming possibilities in nota. Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to network with other participants and nota users. The date for the workshop will be announced later. During the workshop there will be individual support for your technical questions via chat, zoom, e-mail or phone. The support will be provided by professional programmers and experienced nota-users.

Three of the submitted nota-spaces will be awarded by a jury of experts with the notanear -award. In addition, there will be the opportunity to present further selected nota-spaces at a hackathon on the 20th and 21st of December. The hackathon will take place as a hybrid event at Kunstraum 34 in Stuttgart (Germany). The winning nota-spaces will be presented at the Finissage of the Expanded Media exhibition of the 36th Stuttgart Filmwinter on January 17th, 2023 in Stuttgart. By participating in the open call the permission of presenting the submitted nota-space as part of the award at the Finnisage is granted.

Useful resources:

you can find nota here:

In this nota space you will find links to a manual, account opening, Telegram support chat and other useful things:

Tutorials about nota’s functions are here:

Startup help for coding in nota can be found here:

Examples of existing works:

Work submission:

In nota there are non-public and public spaces. To submit your work, send a link of your finished non-public space to by December 10th, 2022 - 23:59 (CET). Depending on the structure of the work, a 5-15 min long video can also be submitted. After the jury meeting, the spaces will be published.

A nota-space is basically a flexible resource. Therefore, we cannot give any information about the duration of the work, but it should be possible to present the finished work within 10-15 min in a meaningful way.

A few questions for your inspiration:

- What is the relationship of nota to your content?

- What does it mean to you to make web-based art?

- How do you deal with the internet?

- What is your relationship to the analogue or the digital world?

- Do you question digital habits in your art?