Jordan Shaw is an internationally exhibited artist and creative technologist raised and currently based in Toronto, Canada. He received his MFA from OCAD University's Digital Futures program exhibiting his thesis project, during Vector Festival at InterAccess. Before that, he completed his undergraduate degree at Carleton University and Algonquin College, where his final installation was exhibited at ACM SIGGRAPH.

The manifestation of Jordan's work seeks to visualize the hidden interactions between people and technology, data collection, generative and computational visuals and the digital systems trying to understand the physical world. These technical systems are not always physically tangible to the human senses. Jordan's work intends to creatively express the invisibility of modern-day techno-culture into a tangible and concrete experience that exemplifies the connection between participants and digital systems. He's exhibited at festivals including ACM SIGGRAPH, Vivid Sydney, Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Vector Festival, Nuit Blanche, OPC's Winter Light Exhibition and now IDKF.