Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media presents: “Motion Control”, experimental films by John & James Whitney

Film Exercise N. 2-3, by James & John Whitney, 4´00, 1944,16 mm

Film Exercise N. 5, by James & John Whitney, 5´00min, 1945, 16 mm

Permutations, by John Whitney, 800., 1968, 16 mm

Lapis, by James Whitney, 10´00, 1963-1966, 16mm

Pioneers of computer graphics and minimal abstract films, James and John Whitney developed a variety of innovative practices in animation. Working with airbrush stencils, optical printing, computer-generated graphics, and then simply using light, the brothers created non-objective films in their California studio. Having studied music composition in Paris, John Whitney scored some of the earliest electronic music soundtracks for his films with pendulums and light to synthesize the films' soundtracks. In the late 1950's John created an analog computer from decommissioned Second World War antiaircraft devices.

John Whitney is considered one of the first who has realized the dream of creating an art that looks like music sounds. Among his greatest achievements is the invention of a handmade mechanical apparatus that enabled him to choreograph abstract forms in a visual medium. In so doing, Whitney was able to render visible in his films the laws and fundamentals of music and discover complementary interactions between sound and image.

By the 1970s, the two brothers had ventured off in different cinematic directions: John worked with computer programmers to perfect the code behind the movement of animation graphics, while James created highly mystical abstract films.

Filmwinter Casting Session KUltur im BUnker

The Stuttgart Film Winter - Festival for Expanded Media presents: Casting for the film of all films - the ultimate production of all time.

We continue our casting! The next event will take place at the venue KUltur im BUnker on Sat 12 November as part of the festival programme of our cooperation partner IDKF.

Come and see us! Your application slot is guaranteed!

No preparation necessary. The casting takes place in the form of interviews and photo sessions. You decide whether the recordings can be used at all and if so, how.

Wanted: extras of all ages and genders, musicians, athletes (tennis is an advantage), leading actors, drug counsellors, wheelchair users, set designers, as well as animals, house plants and electrical appliances.