Sara Bonaventura



“Imagine alien visitors arriving on Earth in the remote future.” Jan Zalasiewicz's The Earth after us, and the seminal Lynn Margulis' Microcosmos inspired this mockumentary (e.g. the voice over, a re-adaptation of them, where past tense verbs are turned into future tense, embedding the fantasy of a future already set as past).

The idea that symbiosis, the living together and sometimes merging of different species of organisms, is crucial to the evolution of life forms on Earth, is the underpinning concept of this work.


Sara Bonaventura (1982) is an Italian visual artist and educator.

She works at the intersection between visual and media arts, lens based media and new media. As independent videographer she has been collaborating with performers and musicians, directing clips, ads, curating visuals.

Her video works have been screened worldwide; at the NYC Anthology Film Archives, the San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival, at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Asolo Art Film Festival, at Studio 303 for the Montreal Nuit Blanche, the Miami New Media Festival, the Athens Digital Arts Festival, at Rome MACRO Museum, the Cinemateca do MAM in Rio for Dobra Festival, the MOMus in Thessaloniki for Videolands curated by Miden Festival, the itinerant Time is Love screening curated by Kisito Assangni, the Mexico City CODEC festival, Other Cinema at San Francisco ATA Gallery, the LA Echo Park Film Center, the Boston Cyber Arts Gallery and more.

She won the Veneto Region Award at the 10th Lago Film Fest and a merit for the 2019 Sino per NIIO Illumination Art Prizes, with one of her work displayed in one of the world biggest public screen in Hong Kong; she has been selected for several residencies, i.e. in 2016 by Joan Jonas at Fundacion Botin (Santander, Spain). Recently selected for the ISEA 2019, the International Symposium for Electronic Arts, in Gwangju, South Korea. She recently debuted with her first feature documentary, Forest Hymn for Little Girls, screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival among others.