Same Same Collective

Mundane Greenhouse


Mundane Greenhouse presents a day in the life of a group separated by time and space. Four women, four cities, three time zones – Same Same are scattered. Mundane Greenhouse charts 24 hours in the lives of women separated by time and space. It’s a window into different worlds, a reflection on the lives we lead, and, above all, a love song to distant friends. Mundane Greenhouse was rehearsed and performed over Zoom, and livestreamed via YouTube for 24 hours on the 21st and 28th of November 2021 for Taipei Performing Arts Centre.


Same Same Collective is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural performance collective dedicated to bridging cultural divides through performance. With members from India, Taiwan and the UK, the collective draws on our backgrounds in theatre, dance, fine art and photography to devise unique, genre-defying performance.