Fabrizio di Salvo & reConvert – (ex)tension (2020), for 2 percussion players with solenoid motors

Our idea starts from the necessity to investigate space, to explore its features, finding the potential in acoustic properties and using them as a starting point for our research. How is it possible to create a three-dimensional and analogue sound system? How are we able to work with instruments that can move sound in space? Taking advantage from the use of customised industrial items, we will have the possibility to create three-dimensional audio images controlled and designed in real time by the performers. The concept that interests us is the single percussive impulse as music creator. We can change surface, speed of execution but the impulse is at the core of every percussive action.


reConvert was born as a natural extension of the percussion repertoire of the last seventy years, to become a seal of identity that rejects generic definitions and bets on a continuous work between different artists in which the questioning of the dogmas of the academy is in the foreground.

With difficulties in defining the facet of the percussionist of our time, due to the evolution that the “instrument” has undergone in itself, reConvert raises an aesthetic question without complexes, and that does not feed on the natural limits and definitions of terms. Halfway between percussion and electronics, the new projects that reConvert faces could well be named with different adjectives, without any of them being able to define them completely and fully. For this, reConvert bases its bet on a continuous and deep work with diverse creators of the panorama of our time such as Kaj Duncan David, Alexander Schubert, Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Maierhof, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Fernando Manassero or Luciano Azzigotti.

reConvert carries out activities in Europe, America and Asia, constantly evolving and questioning the uses and bets of resources, techniques and means that it carries out continuously. The instruments, objects, elements, interfaces… are in themselves tools to reach the artistic aims that reConvert proposes, and they must be at the service of creation.

Its continued work includes, in addition to concerts, workshops in various institutions such as the Royal College of London, Universidad Tres de Febrero of Buenos Aires, Columbia University (New York), among others.

reConvert was founded in 2013 by Roberto Maqueda & Víctor Barceló. In 2018 Lorenzo Colombo joined the group.